Why Work Performance Report is an input in Manage Project Team Process

Discussion in 'PMP' started by Krishnendu Das, Jan 9, 2018.

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    Dear Experts,
    In a lot of cases have noticed that Work Performance Data is an input in different processes. The output become Work Performance Information. But in Proj Human Resource Knowledge area in Manage Project Team process, Work Performance Report in an input. Why not Information is an input here? Practically to manage we will gather the information and PM will act upon. Please help to explain.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Krishnendu, you will thoroughly enjoy a certain part of the PMBOK Guide, if this interests you. Over on p. 467, there is a flow chart that shows the process flow of Data into Information into Reports.

    I won't spoil any surprises, since I use this as a great topic in one of our live sessions, but I'll give you examples of pieces.

    The diagram on p. 467 shows that there is only one executing process that generates data. If you remember, data is raw, and unformatted.

    There are 10 control processes that turn data into information - 2 scope, and then the other knowledge areas -- EXCEPT for Integration management.
    QUick note, these processes have many commonalities. Since eyou are turning data into information, you are effectively interpreting data. So, with these processes, as outputs you will observe change requests and updates to the PM Plan and Project Documents.

    There is only 1 control process that converts / aggregates all this information into reports - and that's in Integration management. I'll let you discover which process that is. We convert information into reports, in order to support decision-making, analysis, review - otherwise known as 'control'

    This is why we have reports as an input into Stakeholder management; we use our reports to engage them. Reports are also input into 'Manage Project Team'. This is an opportunity for us to update, and receive feedback from stakeholders / team.

    The flow of Work Performance Data/Information/Reports is critical to understand. There are also 2 other major flows that you should look for - the flow of change, and the flow of deliverable. BY studying the framework in this manner, you learn not only how these processes work (and why), but how they work together to attain these major pieces of the Project Lifecycle.

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