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You should know - ASM vs CSM!

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Rakesh Deshpande

Simplilearn Support
Hello There,

Often, most of the people choose CSM over ASM. There are number of reasons why ASM and CSM are better than each other and yes, it is debatable ( as per your requirements). I prefer ASM than CSM. Why? Read out the below points which may help you. FYI, this might take couple of minutes.

Let's classify for better understanding:

1. Coordination is important : ASM is flexible than CSM as this course was developed with the needs of geographically-dispersed teams in mind. Teams are co-located yet coordinate online also stand to benefit from the course.

2.Agile is included: Why not learn Agile when we know that it is very important? In keeping with the latest trends, the ASM course incorporates elements of Agile training, with Agile modules preceding the Scrum training where as CSM majorly concentrates on SCRUM.

3. Examination Standards : Well, this is tricky, The bar for passing the ASM certification is higher, making it more valuable for professionals compared to CSM.

Now, the questions is when you should choose ASM and CSM. Below points might help!

1. Choose CSM only if :
  • You are the beginner or new to the Scrum.
  • you're interested in Physical Classroom training.
  • Concentrate only on SCRUM than agile & scrum.
  • Easy to pass.
2. Choose ASM only if :
  • You are intermediate or understand Agile & Scrum. Are you new? Agile Scrum Foundation is available.
  • Online / Instructor Led Training is possible. Join from a remote location.
  • Concentrates on Agile + Scrum.
  • Difficult to pass hence higher value.